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Industry Leader in Commercial Green Cleaners

Welcome to BioClean’s commercial green cleaner, a scientific marvel, being used by the world’s top industries and companies.The time has come for a commercial grade, environmentally friendly cleaner.

Most Advanced Technology

BioClean, recognizing the potential of these wonderful bimolecular cleaning molecules, has partnered with the most advanced researchers in the field to create the most advanced and powerful cleaning products in the world.
Most of today’s cleaning technology and products are forty years old, whereas BioClean is using the latest developments and technology to give our clients the very best products. Any product formula that is over two years old simply cannot compete with the cleaning power of BioClean’s products.

Superior Products

  1. Safe for your workers
  2. Safe to store and transport
  3. Safe on equipment Safe for the environment - to dispose of and wash down the drain
  4. Priced competitively with all green cleaners
  5. As strong as commercial grade, non-green cleaners
  6. Green and Biodegradable
  7. Modernly convenient multi-purpose cleaners

What Makes Our Products Unique

BioClean aims to be a leader in the industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaner business by recognizing and   meeting the growing industry demand for eco-friendly  and sustainable products.  Using our new technology, we have created products that are multi-functional and versatile with greater convenience and user safety.


Green cleaners have had a stigma associated with them in that they do not clean well, which is not the case with BioClean Technologies products. Our products use advanced chemistry and biomolecular theories to create unique synergistic chemical reactions that produce cleaning products far superior to earlier environmentally safe formulas.


All the natural ingredients used to make BioClean Technologies’ products are on the NSF, DfE and Cleangredient list resulting in completely sustainable safe products to use with no special training, handling, shipping or storage requirements.


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Who We Are

BioClean Technologies originated to provide powerful cleaners and degreasers while being eco-friendly. It does not believe in compromising peformance or health for cleanliness. BioClean Technologies' products are 100% eco-friendly cleaners and degreasers with perfect ratings of zero for the Material Safety Data Sheet ("MSDS") Hazard Rating categories of Health, Fire, Reactivity, and Special.

History of the products

These miraculous cleaning molecules were originally developed decades ago to clean soils in a biodegradable way. Many cleaning products using this technology have been developed through the years but their formulas and technology have stayed stagnant as well. BioClean has identified recent advancements in this biomolecular field and is committed to producing cleaning products that reflect the latest developments.  Our research will be constant and our projects will always reflect the latest science associated with this challenging field of chemistry.  Our goal is to someday be able to replace every traditional cleaner with an environmentally safe BioClean cleaning product.  Try any of ourproducts and you will realize that with the superior performance of these products that day is not far into the future.